Changing around this website long enough, you will commence noticing that which I had a heck of a time figuring out the right New mom tips to follow after my son was created. To be a mommy to be, I read all the books and did all the right things, yet my son had a grand plan of his own. It was not my journey into the world; it was his, and I was merely along for the ride.

the more tired you become, the less sleep you get. Sigh.

However, alas, exactly like everybody else, we made it through all the wiser and smarter. If you are a new mom or a mommy to be, I just wished to share my best new mom survival tips. I am hoping it will help. It might not. Every newborn is unpredictable and differentit is worth a go.

Best new mom survival tips

Have help scheduled to come?

One of the biggest things that I underestimated as a mommy to be was how helpless I would feel during the newborn phase. Just the strain of ‘Am I doing the right thing with this baby?’ was all consuming and prevented me from attending to cooking, cleaning, and other usual chores. Having someone stick with New mom, in addition to my hubby, was so helpful.

Be willing to go hands-free.

Sometimes babies just won’t sleep unless they are indeed held through the initial newborn phase. The best carrier for a baby is a Moby Wrap Original or a Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling . A wrap or sling allows the baby to get snuggled up somewhat more comfortably, boosting the likelihood he will stay asleep.

Arm Yourself With Some Baby Sleep Information.

Babies sleep waydifferently than adults. Who knew? I used to be clueless about the whole baby sleep thing, despite reading a few books ahead of time. My son was such an awful sleeper that we became slightly enthusiastic about researching this issue, and eventually wrote a whole eBook about baby sleep solutions. If New mom is buying a way to learn all you need to learn about newborn and baby sleep, you will love For the Love of Sleep: Practical Baby Sleep Solutions for the Everyday Mama.

Create Bedtime Routines To Bring Consistency.

Babies thrive on routine and predictability. The very best paediatricians recommend starting a method before bedtime and naps with your baby once you get home and feel ready. I would say start by the 6-8 week mark, or earlier is ideal. We established a bedtime routine at six weeks and never looked back. 18 months later, we still do almost the same routine before naps and bedtime. It works!

Accept any offering of food or help.

Sometimes it is hard to accept help from others. If someone starts cleaning New mom house or bringing you dinner, it is okay if you merely say YES. To all or any of it. If there is ever a period in your daily life to swallow your pride and take the help, the newborn phase is it.

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